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Sale and production of almond plants

Almond cultivation is currently gaining popularity due to various factors, such as the increase in global consumption, its high profitability, the forecast of favorable future prices and its ability to adapt to external factors such as climate.

As a result, you get an initial return on investment in less time

In our nursery, we have more than one million almond trees in different stages of growth for sale.

As producers, our facilities for this cultivation cover an area of 19,000m2 and are equipped to guarantee the growth of the different formats in the most efficient way, without compromising the high quality standards of our final product.

We make sure to transport the almond trees in the best conditions to the destination farm for subsequent planting.

We have almond plants of different varieties

In our nursery of almond plants, we are dedicated to developing and offering different varieties of almond tree to our customers. Currently, we work with various varieties such as Avjor. L, Isabelona®, Penta®, Soleta, Marta, Antoñeta® and Guara®, each with its own characteristics that are important to know before planting. Therefore, we make sure to study the terrain, weather and other external factors to obtain the highest economic performance in the short, medium and long term.

Each of our varieties of almond plants is grown in our production department and provided with the phytosanitary and quality treatments necessary to ensure excellent plant health. We also produce two different patterns (Garnem and GF-677) that are propagated by in vitro culture, which ensures a plant with excellent production quality since it has been obtained from the best plants free of fungi, viruses or diseases.

We take care of the complete production process, including the transport of the almond plants in the best conditions to the destination farm for planting.

In our nursery, we ensure the quality of our products, providing our customers with the opportunity to acquire high quality almond trees.

Features of our almond nursery:

Greater protection against disease-transmitting vectors due to a mesh crop

Drip irrigation system improving fungal disease control

Control of the nutritional needs of the plant

Internal studies of plant quality by the production department

Phytosanitary control of the main pests and diseases of the almond tree by the department of R + D + i

Uniformity in cultivation

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Varieties of almond plants we work with

We grow any type of almond plant, customers can choose the variety directly in our almond nursery where we work so that they are later planted in the field; Avjor L. Belona, Soleta, Penta and Marta. In different types of pattern (GF-677 and Garnem) and the size of the pot of 10x10x14cm. In addition, we adapt to the needs of the client, so you can check availability and price of almond plantations of other varieties.

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